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I am an author, journalist, presenter, interviewer, and speaker – a veritable Jacqueline-of-all-trades – and a founder member of BroadstairsLit of which I am rather proud.

I’ve written six novels (Raising the Roof; Perfect Alibis; One Glass is Never Enough; Prime Time,  Mum in the Middle, and The Big Five-O, my latest novel which came out summer 2019 – set in Broadstairs, Kent, where I live.

I’ve also turned out two non-fiction writing guides (Wannabe a Writer and Wannabe a Writer We’ve Heard Of) and a humorous diet book, 100 Ways to Fight the Flab and still have wine and chocolate (I put on about half a stone writing it! :-)).

In addition, I’ve churned out thousands of articles, short stories, and columns, and interviewed (I love interviewing!) hundreds of authors and celebrities.

I’ve also tidied the airing cupboard. A lot!


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