Short Stories

wwfs smallJane started out by writing short stories and has had over a hundred published in such mags as Bella, Best, Chat, My Weekly, More, The People’s Friend, Woman, Woman’s Weekly, Woman’s Realm, Take a Break (TaB), TaB Fiction Feast, Pulp Fiction, Active Life, Candis and Your Cat (or actually her sister’s cat since he was her inspiration for that one!).

Some of them have been reprinted in Norway, Sweden, Australia, South Africa and the US (which is very nice as it’s always great being paid twice!).

Jane has also been a “Love Expert” for BEST – ho ho – and wishes they’d ask her again.


Released in 2014: Three collections of short stories:

  • cover - shorts hb 2014Happy Birthday – Whether approaching thirty, hitting forty or heading for ninety, Birthdays can be fraught affairs. Birthdays are a source of inspiration, desperation and clever deception in this entertaining short story collection from best-selling novelist Jane Wenham-Jones. With laughter, tears, cake and champagne – these five Birthday tales will leave you longing to blow out some candles of your own…
  • cover - shorts ctfcl 2014Cat Tales for Cat Lovers – Henry goes missing, Blosha comes to stay, Oliver rules the roost, Mo has a birthday while Bruiser causes havoc. And doesn’t everyone have a love of Mozart? Six charming and touching, cat-centric stories from popular novelist Jane Wenham-Jones. Curl up with your favourite feline and enjoy…
  • cover - shorts stc 2014Something to Celebrate – Everyone has something to celebrate in this sparkling collection of short stories: a Big Birthday, a wedding anniversary, an unlikely encounter, a smashed headlight and a treat to remember..


Several of Jane’s stories have appeared in anthologies and some of these are shown below…

  cover - sexy summer amazon  SSforXmas

cover - sexy lovers amazon  cover - saucy shorts for chefs amazon

Jane - loves me    

You can buy any of the following book by clicking on the images. All orders are processed by Amazon, with the exception of ‘Diamonds and Pearls’ (Accent Press).

Details of the Sexy Shorts range of Short Story collections, which raise money for charity (each copy sold raises £1 for Breast Cancer Campaign), from


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