Raising the Roof

Cari just bought a one-way ticket to a dungeon of debt… “Thoroughly enjoyable and full of deft, sparky humour” – Jill Mansell

The heroine of Jane Wenham-Jones Raising the Roof has just bought a one-way ticket to a dungeon of debt–a ramshackle house in the grottiest street in town.

Cari is jobless and has an overdraft the size of the national debt. She’ll be homeless too if she can’t come up with some cash to buy out Martin, her ex-husband – he who cut up her Barclaycard before he moved in with another woman.

No wonder she’s desperate enough to fall for dodgy entrepreneur Nigel’s get-rich-quick scheme, buying the worst house in town to convert into flats. All she has to do – he tells her – is get a bank loan and the money will roll in! But it doesn’t work out quite like that.

Cari’s lumbered with a bank manager on the warpath, a sister on the verge of a nervous breakdown, a friend who’s permanently pregnant, a friend who may be pregnant – but not by the right man – and a tenant who won’t pay the rent. It’s not long before there are bailiffs at the front door and Cari finds herself in the back of a police van. And Nigel’s mysteriously disappeared.There is a knight in shining armour on the horizon, but naturally he’s married to someone else…

Whatever happened to Cari’s Action List?

Make some money, lose some weight, find someone to have a grand passion with, and become so rich and successful that Martin is consumed with jealousy. Will any of her wishes ever come true?

Praise for Raising the Roof

‘Frothy and fun – a light and enjoyable read’ 

Woman’s Own (Best Book)

‘Laugh-out-loud funny from the very first page. A captivating blend of pin-prick sharp, intelligent humour, hilarious calamities, and a diet that even a derr brain like me could stick to, if it wasn’t for my empathy with Cari’s main lifestyle philosophy of going to bed and drinking wine – by the bucket, if possible – once the going gets tough.’

Lynn Barrett-Lee

Raising the Roof on GoodReads

‘This is chick-lit just for women, right? Wrong! I’m a bloke and I thoroughly enjoyed the chapter after chapter of the helter-skelter ride that Cari goes through in Raising the Roof

The fantastic touch of Wenham-Jones tickles your humour buds constantly throughout the book. The pace particularly is terrific, and you wanna be in there helping Cari to pour herself yet another glass of sauvignon to help ease the strain.

This is a marvellous antidote for the spirit if you a looking for a good tonic. Enjoy.’

Seumas Gallacher, author

Buying Options

Raising the Roof is available in paperback and e-book format from bookshops online and in the real world…

Amazon UK
Amazon US


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