Perfect Alibis

‘Jane Wenham Jones has written the story you’ve always wanted to read about infidelity – and how to get away it’ – Cosmopolitan

Stephanie – bored housewife and down-trodden mother – wants a job, and Madeleine’s recruitment company seems the obvious place to go. Except that PAs isn’t quite what it appears.

Far from providing companies with Personal Assistants, the agency offers Perfect Alibis to unfaithful women. As Stephanie soon discovers, there are lots of them about! Founder member Patsy is a serial philanderer and there’s even a dark side to best friend, the blissfully-married Millie. For the well-heeled ladies of Edenhurst, PAs is a ticket to risk-free adultery.

When slacker Troy, Stephanie’s first love, returns unexpectedly, even she is tempted. But her life is soon in turmoil, and that’s before the tabloids get involved.

Praise for Perfect Alibis

‘Deliciously different’

The Bookseller

‘A perfect read. Original and lots of fun” – B Magazine

‘Convincingly drawn’

The Daily Mail

‘Great Fun” – Heat

‘A great read’ – Best

Perfect Alibis on GoodReads

‘I really loved the plot of this book; its nothing Ive thought about before let alone read before. An agency that helps women cheat on their partners basically. Its pretty hilarious the situations these ladies get themselves into; from being heard on the phone, to cheeky photos on the kitchen table.’ – Lizzy Baldwin

 If you love chick-lit then you will love Perfect Alibis. It’s a tongue-in-cheek read about having a fling and always having a back-up plan, but not always with perfect consequences. 

Debbie Viggiano

Buying Options

Perfect Alibis is available in paperback, e-book, and audiobook format from bookshops online and in the real world…

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