Wannabe A Writer series

wanna_be_cover blogYes – I know. There are more writing books out there than you can shake a stick at! But this isn’t just any old how-to book. Wannabe a Writer? has over 100 great contributors including Frederick Forsyth and Jilly Cooper, a heap of hacks from national newspapers and Amanda Ross, the producer of Richard & Judy.

This is the first-ever tome to deal with the knotty problem of Writers’ Bottom (read the rave reviews from grateful readers on Amazon), offer tips on drying out a keyboard after spilling your red wine into it and to give an overview on the offside rule.

Published by Accent Press in paperback at £9.99. ISBN 9781905170814. Available from all good bookshops, Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk.

  • “I wish it had been on the shelves when I started out.” Bestselling novelist Katie Fforde
  • “A must-have book for every writer.” The New Writer
  • “Practical & funny…Packed with information and advice.” Woman’s Weekly
  • “The ultimate how-to book.” Writing Magazine


Practical, personal and honest advice on how to get published with contributions from over a hundred authors, agents, publishers and journalists.

Hear from the professionals on how to sell your articles, write a synopsis, find an agent, get your novel accepted and much, much more. With insights, anecdotes and hot tips from Frederick Forsyth, Jilly Cooper, Ian Rankin, Katie Fforde, Jill Mansell, Adele Parks, Lesley Pearse, Michael Buerk, Carole Matthews, Erica James, Mil Millington, Miles Kington, Michael Bywater, Rosie Millard, Robert Crampton, Richard Morrison, Simon Trewin, Jonathan Lloyd, Teresa Chris and Jane Judd as well as publishers Harper Collins, Hodder Headline, Transworld, Orion and Simon & Schuster.

A must-have handbook for anyone who’s ever wanted to write or just wants to hear how others to do it… Where do you start? How do you finish? And will anyone ever publish it when you have? Drawing on her own experiences as a novelist and journalist, Writing Magazine’s agony aunt Jane Wenham-Jones takes you through the minefield of the writing process, giving advice on everything from how to avoid Writers’ Bottom to what to wear to your launch party. Wannabe a Writer? tells you everything you ever wanted to know about the book world – and a few things you didn’t…


Wanna Be a Writer heard.inddThe entertaining follow-up to the successful Wannabe A Writer?, is an essential read for established authors, the newly-published or anyone chasing the limelight. In today’s celebrity-driven world, self-confessed media tart Jane Wenham-Jones, takes us on an uproarious ride along the publicity trail from getting the perfect promotional photo to choosing clothes to wear on TV.

With anecdotes from Jane’s own numerous media exploits, Wannabe a Writer We’ve Heard Of? is packed with tips and tricks for getting maximum column inches and airtime for your books and projects. Offering insights from writers, publicists and celebrities who’ve been there and done that, this is the ultimate guide for anyone longing for fame…

Published October 2010 by Accent Press in paperback ISBN 978-1906373979. Available from all good bookshops, Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk.

The books also have their own page on Twitter with c. 500 followers, and Facebook Group with over 1,000 members! 🙂

“I really, really recommend this guide. Seriously, it could change your life.” Jill Mansell, bestselling novelist

Reviews include:


Prime Time and Wannabe a Writer We’ve Heard Of? photograph courtesy of Madalyn Morgan Treaddell.

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