blackbird squeaking at the break of dawn

And now for something entirely non-brexit! In a welcome distraction, I’ve been feeding this little chap, who seems to have fallen out of his nest yesterday and who spent most of his day squeaking outside the front door. We were worried a fox or cat would get him so when he wandered in to what we call our lobby, we left him there overnight. I fed him last night – he had a sleep – and woke me up at five a.m. for breakfast. He’s now back outside – still squawking – and his mum has taken over… Blackbird breakfast on youtubeIMG_0120


  1. St Jane of Assissi! Never thought I’d see the day. Brilliant that there’s now the facility for capturing such moments on camera. (That might make a column – people of my age were photographed eight times a year and seven of those didn’t come out. Now every person’s every second is recorded from conception to cremation.) If you were feeding your chick worms, I hope you washed your hands before making toast. Lotsaluv xxxxx

    1. ha ha. I was giving him mashed-up grape! 🙂 Thing is now that so many photos could be lost. As when that person does eventually fall off their perch, their hard drive may well be taken to the tip! At least in your day, an old faded sepia print was found in the attic… 🙂 xxxx

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