1. So they all have bright ideas, and I bet the current incumbent had them at the start too. It boils down to who do you trust to deliver and I’m afraid based on past experience, every area has the van at the beginning but no petrol to start it. Some people will actually start to push their vans aiming for their depots but the AA and RAC are too busy to come out and help.
    In the face of so much competition from other van drivers who made promises of their own, how many do you think will actually be able to make good on their promises. In fact, once in power, how many will even try.
    xxx Hugs Jane xxx

  2. Politicians are always big on promises and hope for a better future; it’s a theme stolen from organised religion and it has worked well for them for two thousand years.

    What politicians don’t do (and neither do their manifesto’s) is apply realism and quantification to these hopes and promises, something simple will do like for example SMART (simple, measurable etc) then apply it to all that they promise. Of course, as you have probably already guessed, this actually wipes out most if not all of the hope and promise and leaves nothing more than empty rhetoric.

    When I was a Management Consultant, one of the clever ways to get what you wanted was to become either a director of the company you were targetting or become an MP with a portfolio that involved large purchases (military, railway, roads, NHS etc). Promise and Hope were the order of the day and the big bucks came zinging in. I know of one large Operational Strategy for a government department that netted the ManCo £1 billion and the IT systems they put in place back then are STILL earning them £millions (charge by the transaction, define WHAT a transaction is yourself to maximise revenue).

    I suppose what I am really saying is that the present system is so corrupt and flawed as to be useless. Davis Prosser makes the point well “once in power”; because Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

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