1. The trouble is that no matter how Nigel Farage denies things, sooner or later one more of his tribe get up and prove him wrong. No matter how he attempts to make UKIP a legitimate party he can never deny some of the things he’s said nor members of his party have said and it will always be remembered that the core of his party were BNP supporters under a new banner but beating the same drum.
    xxx Huge Hugs Jane xxx

  2. Sorry to be a grammar Nazi, but perhaps it is appropriate in the circumstances… Did he really say “…paint Ukip to be…zenophobic”? Or might it have been “UKIP…xenophobic”? 🙂

  3. Oh my goodness I hadn’t noticed that!!! Eeek. I will change right now. My typo – which nobody seems to have picked up… thank you!! 🙂

  4. First things first; I have never voted for any party and never will. Secondly I’ve heard all the cliches about ‘getting what you deserve then’. I don’t care – under the skin they’re all the same. Now, UKip. They’ve had a bad press from the very beginning, currently BBC and Channel 4 (of all people) are giving them a torrid time overtly, covertly and subliminally. It’s to be expected; there’s much to lose.

    I personally am fed up of the two party system where Labour and the Conservative parties swap roles every four or five years, often shored up by bit players. Nothing genuinely improves, much gets worse, the only good things come as sweeties just before the General Election – hence the massive investment in roads ( a by-pass near where I live has got the go ahead after 37 years of campaigning, nobody believes it will happen).

    Much more useful would be an extra box on the ballot paper NONE OF THE ABOVE, then for the first time lets us really see how many of the 70% of the electorate who do not vote actually vote – I would be one for sure. Then let us mobilise, organise and understand what these people really want / need and put the infrastructure in place to make them a real force to be taken seriously?

    Only one thing ever came out of the current parliamentary process: Aneurin Bevan’s NHS: everything else is a shambles (they even managed to turn the NHS into a shambles).

  5. Hi Jane
    How was was it for you with Nigel?
    Newsflash from UKIP CSI – Jack the Ripper was an Immigrant
    Keep going with hustings – they will avoid them!

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