1. The collective voice of the UK; BBC, ITV, Channel 4, 5 ad nauseum together with the Free Press (sic) like The Times, Telegraph, Guardian et seq are running an orchestrated campaign to undermine UKip in the run up to the General Election.

    Why? Well, most people don’t care but the politicians are not most people; they have the most to lose. So, they all come together to destroy the new threat to their rather comfortable status quo.

    After the election and if UKip are no longer a threat normal service will be resumed. FAILING that, UKip is bankrolled by ex-tory grandees and MP’s (one donor donating £1 million recently), so, lets assume that the Lib-Dems implode as we expect they will then the tories will do a deal with the devil himself to keep power.

    Personally I don’t care. I’ve never voted for any party, I don’t see that changing and I don’t care who gets elected they’re all as bad as each other. On a lighter note, up to 70% of the electorate never vote – how different the parties may be if we had a box on the ballot paper that simply said “None Of The Above.”. There. Rant over, have a nice day folks.

  2. Just had an email asking me to confirm who I am. Email system not working properly and will not be remedied until late next week. Anyway, as I am here…

    Quick assessment of political parties and there chances of election.

    Labour Party: stopped being the party of the people sometime in 1950’s, now orchestrated by (mostly) white middle class males who have no other interest than political power. After roundly condemning the Lib-Dem leadership over the Cash-For-Uni-Places scandal they have now said they will SLASH the impoverished student mountainous debt from £9,000 p.a. to £6,000 p.a. – I am sure they will rest peacefully in there hovels at night knowing they only need run up debts of £18,000. Poor Harriet who is ‘reading’ Byzantine Latrine Architecture at Dodgy-Poly-Masquerading-As-A-UNI still thinks it’s Monopoly money and is hoping a little identity theft may help her erm? Forget the debt.

    Conservative Party: Playing to their strengths by secretly stirring up the prospects of a War (worked for Thatcher). Currently testing the russians resolve but don’t rule out a ‘just’ war (for the younger readers that’s a war from the middle ages where we went into battle for no good reason at all – a bit like the Iraq war). Getting desperate so may well pull the old tax cuts for the family man rabbit out of the bag. Nobody in Scotland, Ireland, Wales or the whole of Northern England voted for them last time but they STILL got in courtesy of LONDON vote and the HOME COUNTIES. Various boundary changes to shore up this vote may mean they get in again even though virtually nobody votes for them.

    Lib-Dem: Bye bye, nice not knowing you or what you actually did.

    UKip: Welcome to the new Conservative party.

    Greens: You need to grow, grow rapidly and show us all your first fruits.

    There. Done. Second and final rant over.

    Did I tell you about…

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