1. Fantastic article, Jane. I can fully understand your hatred of shopping. That’s me too. I just nip in and out as quickly as humanly possible. Can’t stand browsing and the thought of window shopping in an overcrowded city brings me out in more than a rash 🙂 The horns sprout, the face turns a putrid green and heaven help those that make body contact 🙂 All the best!

  2. I on the other hand love shopping but mainly when the store is empty. It’s people I have a problem with, not the shopping. I’m normally an ASDA sometimes Morrison’s Man but at this time of the year the specials in ALDI and LIDL make it too hard to resist. Many products come out best in taste and value tests compared to bigger brands, it’s just a shame they don’t carry everything I need that some of the bigger Supermarkets do. I’m talking ciggies here.
    xxx Huge Hugs Jane xxx

  3. I’m spoilt with a Tesco Metro and Co-op at the end of my road and an Asda a 10-minute walk away. Lidl and Aldi are both driving distance which is just as well as I always go mad. I love them for their non-British (mostly German) items that you wouldn’t get anywhere else, although the horrendous queues have put me off, so like David, I go late at night when it’s quiet. I’ve been to both in Germany and they’re very similar so it reminds me of being back there. Morrison’s is great too but in the areas of town I rarely go to, so I overshop when I do go.

    The advantage of the nearest shops is that I walk so I don’t buy too much although the Metro doesn’t have a great choice and the Co-op never have enough staff (you’d think they’d cotton on to that when those queueing give up and dump the stuff they want to buy and walk out). None of these (Northampton) shops have cafes (even unlicenced ones) but then I’m not a fan of shopping so even when I have time to wander, it’s a quick fill up a box, pay and leave.

  4. I’m not sure if I am brave enough to put all my eggs in one basket and take the risk of getting all my shopping in one of these new discount supermarkets. I, like you, don’t like shopping much. I go by convenience most of the time. We don’t have a Lidl or Aldi in Woking. But we have 2 Asdas, a Morrisons and a Tescos Superstore and Sainsburys Superstore nearby. So depending on where I am on shopping day, that is where I shop. So maybe that makes me in the words of Paul Young – a “wherever I lay my hat” kind of shopper!

  5. Thanks all comments. I tweeted the article to Aldi and Waitrose but no grateful thanks have been forthcoming as yet…. 🙂

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