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  1. Hear hear!!!! Totally agree in all that. I brought 4 children through school and was definitely given grief when choosing to take a holiday in term time. This was always because of a special reason. On one occasion we had the opportunity of going to S Africa. This not only meant that my kids got the opportunity of meeting their SA grand parents and family, but the education gained from experiencing this different climate, culture and, oh the wild animals was far better than any text book could have provided! How could we have forgone this opportunity because the powers to be say we can’t!!! I agree that education is vital, but there is an education to be had outside the school gates! I think it would be a good idea to take kids off school for a month to teach them cooking and home budgeting skills – sorely lacking I find these days.

    And as for Manston!! What can I say! My heart aches for the airport to return. It’s the heart and the hub of this beautiful Island of Thanet which has taken more than it can stand of rape and pillage. ‘SAVE MANSTON!!’ I heard an old 1976 record on Radio Kent this morning. ‘She’s just a devil woman, with evil on her mind’. (Not sure why I said that!!???)

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