1. But surely, you can get an IT person to sync your movements to one device. (Unfortunately, you can’t delegate the terminating of the crisp habit elsewhere! 🙂 )

  2. Evening Jane,

    I am actually thinking (yeah, 12 days into the new year…) to buy myself a diary, and NOT leave my day-to-day life and appointments at the mercy of my all-singing, all-dancing (shame it’s not all-writing) smart phone.

    Obviously you can only get out of it what you put in, as they say, so thank God I phoned my folks tonight on the off-chance only to remember (well, after prompting) half-way through that it was their 51st wedding anniversary. Possibly I need a diary to remind me what to put in my diary…Ah!

  3. Hello, Jane,
    my grandson gave me a Blackberry for Christmas. If you keep it by the phone – I have to as they linked it up so I can video phone them all via internet! – the calendar is pretty useful and easy to get at.

    If I can Jane, you certainly can! Getting your IT person to link everything does help too.

    Mind you, I’m having to practise like mad using the thing with thumbs as my grandson is disgusted that I cannot be a fighter pilot with him on the wretched StarWars?? game on it. I cannot move my thumbs fast enough!

    Still Happy New Year and I hope you can kick the crisp habit. Try poverty for a while, that certainly helps!!!!!

  4. I’ve found that I always look at the calendar for my birthday reminders. Unfortunately I always seem to look either two days after the card should have gone first class, or to put it another way, the day after said birthday. Oh well, at last I still remember I have a calendar and next year I’m marking all the birthdays as two days earlier !
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  5. Dear Jane,
    I like your five diary plan but get confused with more than one.I’d miss important dates that were in ‘the other’ diary.
    Otherwise I just rely on my Jane to remind me of details including my own birthday and “you did your tax return in May so don’t need to flap now”. I think everyone needs a Jane, can my Jane have you?
    With love

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