1. Hi Dot. I’m not regretting my words because that’s how I felt at the time – as I said in the column, I had pricklings of unease but wanted to give her the benefit of the doubt cos I wanted it so much!! I am totally grieved and bereft at the way it has turned out and depressed that KLM won’t come back whatever happens…. 😦 Love your profile pic. Thanks for reading x

  1. I read this article with interest. Seems your suspicions were spot on! Are you on the campaign group ‘save Manston airport’ on Facebook? Are you able to publicise this tragedy as widely as possible – especially in light of the news of Lydd!!!!! Lydd locals, around 15,000 I believe, have fought hard to protect their wildlife – even taking it to the High Court – but bulldozers will come and build an extended runway etc. Here in Thanet, 15,000 of us love our airport with one of the longest, widest runways and have no wildlife protection to worry about!!!! Crazy? Or conspiracy? NEEDS INVESTIGATING!!!

    1. Yes – what is this all about, Janice? I think it might be something to do with the proximity of Manston to housing, which prevents it being extended. Seem to remember reading something about that. But seems crazy indeed – I do agree. Please keep me posted if you find out anything more…

      1. No this airport has everything going for it. Ann Gloag had other ideas right from the start. It’s criminal. See Observer article today. Join our Facebook page for up to date info – Save Manston Airport. Please publicise as widely as you can.

  2. I never come across this web feed before come to it purely by chance when researching Ann Gloag.
    The SMA (Save Manston Airport) Sir Roger Gale MP Laura Sandys MP are doing a nd leader of Thanet district Council Iris Johnston are mounting a great campaign to get this essential airport re-opened.
    My beef is that we have here in Kent a leader of Kent County Council who has voiced his opposition to Manston both publicly and in private while having secret meetings with the airports owner Ann Gloag, He paul Carer first denied that he had meetings with her until she let it slip she had meetings with Paul Carter and the then leader of TDC (who is now head of planning) about the possibility of housing on the site.
    The more people learn of the back handed way they are trying to pull the wool over the people in the UK andmore so here in Kent the better.

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