The Wannabe a Writer TV Show

Here at last….

Am all very thrilled – and not a little nervously twitchy 🙂 – to announce the launch of the first half of the pilot episode of Wannabe a Writer? The TV Show, a joint project between me and my mate Stephen Arkell of Retina Productions , in which we bring an exciting new concept in Writer-centred TV to your screens…

WATCH it HERE, Read all about it HERE and then do comment – I would love to know what you think…



  1. How exciting! You kept that very quiet!!! How far along the track are you with the project? You look very grown up and responsible. 🙂 Lotsaluv. xxxxx

  2. Hi Jane Enjoyed the pilot for the show, when does it start and what channel? Best regards Brenda x

    Sent from my iPad Brenda Todd

  3. Fascinating, and a great idea for a show that’s not been done before. I would certainly watch it on TV. Very brave of the wannabe to put herself in that situation but hopefully the best way for her to learn fast!

  4. Marvellous Jane, you’re never one to ignore the newest methods. Hope it works well in a series for you, looks fun and if you’re needing writers to talk to we, at Writer’s Choice, are willing and able, and have some good news to skite about. (A 1st prize and top Amazon sales!)

    All success and a top U Tube listing to you.

  5. Only tonight I was trying to find something to watch on TV and even with Sky on our TV, there was nothing I wanted to watch and I wondered why there were no program’s about books! I loved this and would definitely watch a series. Fab idea for a show. Kim xxx

  6. I am sure this will appeal to commissioning media editors. Fracking for underground writers an untapped resource, is inspired.Effortless rapport to camera where have you been all these years. Working title yet ? How about: Fracking Publishers or The Naked Novelist…

  7. Talk about “drawing us into the story”! Definitely a page turner. Please don’t keep us waiting too long.

  8. I loved this. It really appealed to me as a writer, but all my family have enjoyed watching it too. We loved seeing the interview with the agent. We were hooked right from the start. You came across so well. Thank you.

  9. A brilliant idea, well done Jane! I really enjoyed the interview with agent, Carole Blake.
    Jane, it is now ten years since you were on the panel of judges at Radio Kent when I won their ‘Writer of the Year’ competition which started my journey to being an author. Thank you!

  10. Jane, it’s excellent. It’s just like a real TV show, you’re a great presenter, the format is compelling and Carole makes an excellent Simon Cowell of the literary world! 😉 Can’t wait for episode 2.

  11. The music is compelling, really makes it so much more fun and interesting. The photography is fine. I think you need to watch great interviewers and learn how to ask better questions than ‘How are you feeling?’ (three times, ahem).

    This poor ‘contestant’ has no knowledge of the craft of writing. She needs to take some literature and creative writing classes. I’m afraid you’ll burn your bridges with your professional contacts, if you continue to bring people in, who haven’t paid their dues.

    Good luck.

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