1. Yup, I’d agree. I’ve done it often enough to know what I’m on about. You could add to your food list that if you breast feed you don’t even have to worry about solid food for the first six months. You just have to worry about how you’re going to get backwards and forwards from work to do it! I had understanding colleagues.

  2. Great article Jane, funny with sound advice. I’ll retweet it, I don’t know if they have babies but I’m sure they will spread the love, little story about breastfeeding. Many years ago an old army mate, his wife and two children came to visit. The youngest was four, I drove them in their car to a local shopping centre (they lived way out n the bush). The four year old was whinging in the back seat to his mother, ‘I want it, gimme gimme, now.’ I went a little fast over a speed bump, heard an ouch in the back and looked in the rear-view mirror. I received a fleeting glimpse of a lovely breast and little tantrum boy latching back onto the nipple. “it keeps him quiet and happy,’ she remarked and smiled wanly. I thought as to how quiet and happy I would be and drove sedately ahead.

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