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  1. So true, Jane. A chap rang me this week letting me know that his company was intending to machine-embroider a Borough Coat of Arms with his company name included to fly from a strategic point in the town centre (the Parish Church? The Gala Bingo Hall? I wondered to myself). I explained very diplomatically that he would be very unlikely to be given permission for it Io be flown because the Coucil took a decision about 10 years ago to deny such requests for the coat of arms to be used for anything other than civic purposes.He was furious and reckoned he had rights as a resident to do whatever he wanted with the coat of arms.

    When I looked for the record of the decision to email to him it wasn’t 10 years ago – it was 16!

    And, by the way, absolutely no one I know is photographing me naked from behind unless they have a blue badge, guide dog, white stick and can read Braille.

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