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  1. Tracey Emin is forever stating that wherever art goes, regeneration follows, as if it were a fact. It’s not. Here are just a few examples the arts mafia would prefer you didn’t know about:
    The Public, an arts centre in West Bromwich, which was predicted to attract 160,000 visitors a year. Cost £63 million, with £30 million from the Arts Council, dubbed the Pink Elephant and described as the “biggest arts scandal of the decade”.
    Then there was Colchester’s Visual Arts Facility, derided as the “Golden Banana”, and the £26 million Rich Mix multicultural arts centre in East London.
    An article in the Daily Express (unlikely to have been read by the Guardian-reading types) revealed how since 1997 more than £1 billion of public money has been doled out to crisis-hit arts projects.
    Lesson: Don’t believe everything you hear, just because it is said by somebody famous!
    (Loved the article, though – even while intensely jealous of your sunshine.)

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