1. Hi Jane

    This is a very good article congrats

    Wanted to say if uploaded through the right channels, ie on the No 10 downing street E Petition site -and an E petition gets 100 000 signatures or more it does force the coalition to debate the issue in the house

    Also wanted to say I think IDS has been castigated more than another Minister because his coalition allows 1 in 5 children to live in poverty, he is a millionaire, has 12 houses and recently claimed £39 for a breakfast on expenses

    Signing petitions is a good thing it lets someone think they matter.  The number of signatures gives statisticians in all the parties an idea of public opinion and reaction and to stand by and let a twat like IDS say that daft thing is apathy, IMO.  I signed the petition.  Yes I knew it  was not going to change the world but it wound IDS up good and proper

    This bedroom tax now Westminster Council have moved out lots of tenants but have no smaller homes to put them in so guess what they are living off the taxpayer in hotels at £3k a week Nice.

    Lastly yours is an opinion piece and I do respect your opinions just some of them aren’t the same as mine

    I am feeling shite today it’s on my chest a real chest infection and Ken has made a double apt at 4.40  to get his chest listened to and mine too and I am not leaving without a course of erythromycin…………..

    Didn’t sleep a wink too congested and too much coughing spent much of night sitting in kitchen or in bed with my ear phones in to Radio 2

    hope all is w ell with you and lots of love Judith xxx  

    Don’t Mind Me by Judith Haire (Chipmunkapublishing) Our Encounters With Madness , Edited by Grant, Biley & Walker(PCCS Books)



  2. ps finally caught up with Mike’s great review of PT.  He’s a bit of a literary brillo pad isn’t he, but very funny xxx  

    Don’t Mind Me by Judith Haire (Chipmunkapublishing) Our Encounters With Madness , Edited by Grant, Biley & Walker(PCCS Books)



  3. Hear! Hear! As one out of work person who has struggled for five years on a govt hand out you have it exactly right. It is demeaning over a period of longer than six months. The poverty grinds one right down into depression and a state where the temptation to steal, to hit back at those with jobs who sneer and at the benefit bashers is truly hard to resist.

    What this must do to young school leavers, and those under fifty, is horrible to contemplate but MPs certainly don’t. We need a massive ‘Create jobs’ campaign.

  4. Brilliant article! As you say – politicians should be downright ashamed of the poverty they’ve caused while they wallow in wealth. How they can hold their heads up is beyond me? Shocking!

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