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So eat a chilli. The hotter the better. Chillies raise the metabolism and the fierier they are, the greater the effect. I ate my last fresh one last night and it’s too cold to go shopping today so here, by way of illustration,  are some I bottled in olive oil the last time I was being a domestic goddess – HA!IMG_1957

Experts estimate that one can expect a 15% increase in calories burned for about two hours after eating a hot chilli sauce. Buy packets of fresh chillies from the supermarket and then keep and dry the seeds. IMG_1955Growing them yourself is easy, cheap and satisfying (sorry to sound like an excerpt from Cooking on a Shoestring in a Bedsit for One) and the plants look pretty on the kitchen window sill. I used to grow new ones each season until a nice girl called Hannah Harman, who works…

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  1. Hello Jane,
    Funny you mention chilli today , cos I don’t like chilli, tho happy to follow one more in 100 ways etc – BUT today I bought a bar of Green and BLacks dark chocolate 60% cocoa: fine, lovely, I thought, right up 100 Ways Street…only to read smaller print at home, (having eaten a row of 4 squares thinking this is an odd taste) that reads ‘combining the fruity notes of six aromatic spices with warming chilli’ and also finding that I LOVE IT!! If this chilli in dark choc works too, I am ALL FOR IT!! Even if it doesn’t…Don’t think I could eat even a real natural one, let alone a whole one, but thanks for your email and I look forward to next email…

    Love, Felicity

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