And the teapigs’ winner is….

The winner, ladies and gentlemen – picked at random* from all those who left a comment on my tea-tastings, who receives, courtesy of the good folk of teapigs, this marvellous teapig-and-mug set is ….NORMAL FOR NORFOLK!!! (Hurrah).  NFN is,  I glean from her blog,  actually called Sam Whiteoak. Send me your address, Sam, and I will pass it on to to teapigs. Thank you to every one of who who left a comment – I enjoyed them all. I’ll think up another little contest before Christmas.

* OK, I have to be honest, it was mostly random. First out of the hat was actually My Mate Mike but I put him back again. Because A) he says he  only likes PG tips B) I’ve already posted him some teapigs just to annoy him 3) He’d only say it was a fix 4) it would look like a fix – teapigs-for-the-boys – seeing as we’re on a job share and all that. 5)He still owes me lunch.

So congrats to Sam who was a worthy second and who receives this wonderful prize  for her endless excitement and joy, and don’t forget that everyone’s a winner on this blog with your BLOGGER12 discount for 15% off teapig products…



  1. Ok, it’s hardly Lord McAlpine v the BBC, but does a cove have good cause for action when denied his rightfully won teabags? I did not say I liked “only” PG Tips, m’lud, but do plead guilty to owing a (modest) lunch.

  2. Congrats to the winner – poo – love the mug.
    And the artist formerly known as YMM made me laugh so much I spilt my tea – blackcurrant as it goes. Go for it YMM. You have a definite case. Look forward to the Twitter campaign.

        1. Oh no! Now I ‘m not only mugless, but have accused an innocent woman. Can life get any worse? Would have said mea culpa, but it is uncomfortably close to “me a cuppa”, which is not going to happen.

          1. All of which I think puts me in the McAlpine category as the falsely accused. Do you think we could get a Newsnight programme out of this?

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