pure lemongrass, silver tips white, but no mint thank you…

I used to drink so much coffee it gave me blotches. In the decade that I gave it up entirely (I now have the odd cup here and there) my skin improved, the jitters went, but I had to find another way to get my caffeine fix so started drinking gallons (literally) of variously-flavoured green teas instead. I usually begin the day with a lemon one, so on Day One of the teapigs tasting extravaganza, I started off on a pure lemongrass. Think the clue’s in the name here. Lovely and lemony but yes – lemon grass only – no actual tea in there I suspect. Definitely felt a lack of the morning caffeine kick BUT being a resourceful sort, I solved this by putting it together with a “silver tips white tea” pig (in answer to those who’ve enquired, the pig is a little biodegradable “tea temple” of a bag filled with proper leaves of tea and not the powdery bits swept up off the floor) and the resultant brew was very pleasing – tho quite light and delicate. Probably not for those who like Builder’s tea you can stand a spoon up in.

Teas drunk today: pure lemon grass; silver tips white

Verdict: thumbs up

Today’s tasting notes: I really don’t like mint teas much – so if you do and would like to taste the green tea with mint, the caffeine-free peppermint leaves or the liquorice and peppermint tea pigs, email me your address, say which one you fancy, and I will post my sample to you to test out instead and contribute your verdict.

Remember that if you leave a comment here (keep ’em clean please) you will be entered into a draw to win some teapigs of your very own together with a special teapigs mug.  Oh, the excitement….


  1. Ah ha! Jane and tea, not wine!

    I spent 8 years in Japan and your tea pigs sound just like the lovely bags one bought in the supermarket and made up into tea bags with leaf tea for thermos flasks. The flasks were filled with hot water, never ready made tea. All the tea pots had a mesh basket inside for tea leaves. It was a tea lovers’ paradise, green tea of course, although oolong and Chinese tea were available. Black tea was bought in foreign specialty shops where I was!

    I miss good Japanese green tea. You can’t buy it outside Japan.

  2. One of each will be in the post today, Pat. And I’ll post your verdict here! 🙂
    One set of the mint ones left if anyone else wants a go?

  3. I never used to like hot drinks with the exception of a rare hot chocolate, but for some reason when I went vegan 7 years ago I decided that I drink herbal tea, whether I liked it or not lol. I can’t remember the reasons other than detoxing and which was my first herbal tea but ever since then I haven’t stopped.

    I don’t quite rival my mum who has up to 4 cups a day (used to be 8) – I personally have 2 cups a day 2-4 days a week and personally would prefer to have tea her way (Indian rice-milk tea) but my body demands that I have it neat. Most of the time I never get to it while its hot and end up drinking it cold – which isn’t the most appetizing I find especially as I leave the teabag in to get the most out of it and re-use it doe the second cup.

    In all my brand tasting experience though, I haven’t got round to Teapigs yet I keep hearing wonderful things about them. I’d love to try their Black tea and Blue Oolong (never heard of that type before). I drink a lot of Green tea so it’s time to move up to the next level :).

  4. I switched to decaf at the beginning of the year, but still need a hit of caffeine early in the morning. Will be interested to hear what other tea bags you’re a fan of.

  5. I love the teapigs Lemongrass one, and am also quite partial to the mint. I didn’t really like the chocolate flake one though, it was just a bit bitter for me. Have just stocked up and can’t wait for the postman 🙂

  6. Thanks for all the comments – and Catherine I go through phases – but lemon flavourings and Jasmine are my enduring favourites – sometimes darjeeling or lady grey or white tea. Or did you mean make? I love those Jasmine “balls” that open up into a flower – I make those up in a pint glass and just top up with water all day. Don’t forget all comments entered into a draw – will be pulled later today… xx

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