Tea(pig) anyone?

Those nice teapig people did a spot of sponsoring at the Guildford Book Festival – where I first discovered the teabag-with-real-tea-in-it – and have now kindly sent me a selection of their “pigs” with which to tempt you. A full tasting (with full reference to their mood-o-meter) with full tasting notes, will be taking place over the next few days with a chance for YOU to win a delightful mug-and-teapigs prize. All you have to do is leave a comment here on this very blog and the winner will be picked at random (not by me!) when I have exhausted all the flavours (this could take some time). Watch, as they say – when needing to procrastinate, this space…


  1. Someone once gave me a Teabag for the Bath. I thought it was a very odd concept: chamomile and lavender and sage I believe. But chamomile smells of cat pee if you leave it for any length of time.
    I wasn’t absolutely certain I wanted to smell of cat pee. I suppose the lavender and sage might have toned that down a bit, but I was unwilling to take the chance and gave it to the charity shop.
    But I love Teapigs! They are delicious.

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