Guildford Day Two

The end of the second day of Guildford Book Festival and tonight was Peter James and Ann Cleeves. Fab interviewees both – and both with great news to share. Ann has been inducted into the Crime Writers Association Hall of Fame (I’m not entirely sure what this involves but I am deeply impressed) and Peter has knocked Fifty Shades off the top of the Bestsellers List. Respect!  Peter is,  of course, extremely shy and retiring (ho de ho) but I managed to coax a few anecdotes out of him. I’d never met Ann before but thought she was really lovely – how could she not be having created DI Vera Stanhope (a new series being filmed right now folks! If you love Brenda Blethyn – I do – don’t miss it). And that’s all I can muster right now cos it’s been a long day and tomorrow I’m off to HMP Send (not permanently).

But lots more to come at Guildford – On Monday I interview Judy Finnigan, Kay Burley and Jenny Eclair. Tuesday brings David Nobbs  – hilarious creator of Reggie Perrin. Do roll up if you possibly can.
xx till then

PS yes I did learn where I’ve been going wrong on the Victoria Sponge front with lovely Rachel Allen and Jim N was most entertaining…

PPS Photo courtesy of Morgen (thanks Love!!! :-))


  1. Wow! Great interviewees. Sounds fantastic. Wish I could get there. I heard David Nobbs speak at Swanwick this year. He was very entertaining and, it goes without saying, very funny. Looking forward to reading more tomorrow.

  2. Hi Jane,
    Fab interview as always but poor Judy Finnegan, when will people realise, if you are over 5ft 6 ins you need somewhere to put your legs. I have the same trouble if the seat is low. She was so uncomfortable and I felt for her. Come on Heals next year put in some higher chairs so that people don’t have their knees under their chins or, have to drape off the edge and spay their legs sideways.
    This has been another good festival, sadly missed Peter James and the Erotic evening !!!, It clashes with ten year old granddaughters birthday supper. But I am sure Jane you will save some suitable anecdotes for the RNA conference.

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