Back from Chez Castillon….

I came back on Saturday, in fact, but it took  the rest of the weekend to sort the faint air of bachelor pad – why don’t men notice dead flowers or demonstrate  that  same technical expertise with which they  handle the iphone or Playstation, to get to grips with the washing machine? – and then there were the 497 emails to deal with, three deadlines and no chocolate in the house. Yes, I should have answered the emails while en France but there really wasn’t a spare minute between teaching, eating a long lunch, more teaching, walking off the long lunch, talking a lot, and suddenly finding it was G&T time…

It was my second visit but my first one as a tutor so thanks to Jo, Betty, Brenda, Julie and Sally, my inaugural  students for making it a great baptism of fire (that’ll teach me to say “interrupt as much as you like”  :-)) and even greater fun. Lovely Katie Fforde came too with her husband Desmond and Captain Catherine “Brace Up” Jones (aka @LaceKate) was also on hand to route march me in the evenings and make me laugh so much my stomach muscles hurt.

Janie and Mickey who run the gaff were their usual wonderful selves – far be it from them to let a glass be empty – and Rory the dog has stopped chewing things. A result all round. Oh and David Headley  (the literary agent and bookseller – googling this name throws up some interesting options) came for a couple of days too. See his twitter  – bless ‘im.

So all in all, a good time was had by all and I am going back in April. Email me or visit if you want to come too…


  1. Hi Jane Thanks for teaching me how to write a book, hopefully I took it all on board and being such an understanding tutor. love Brenda x


  2. It was such a fab week. The most important thing I learnt was just to keep going. I feel I can go onwards and upwards from here!

  3. It was another fabulous Chez-Castillon writing week for me too. The Tutors are excellent. The Hosts are fantastic. Everyone is supportive, each of the other, and lasting friendships are forged. Thanks to Jane, I am in the process of writing a novel, something I never expected to attempt. Yes, I get frustrated when words don’t flow as I want them to, but then I hear Jane’s words ”keep going regardless”. I am, and I am thoroughly enjoying the experience.

    I am certainly returning to Chez-Castillon next year and recommend this to all “would-be, wannabe writers”.

  4. Ah, thanks Betty. It was such a pleasure and a joy to have you in the group. You were lovely as were Brenda and Jo too, of course! (Thanks for both your lovely comments as well) So glad you are all writing on
    and I hope you ARE keeping going regardless…. 🙂 jxx

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