Room for a little one…

Room, indeed, for two little ones – or even two quite big ones (bedroom sizes generous).

Due to a cancellation, there are now a couple of places available at the fabulous Chez Castillon, where I am teaching “Is there a book in you?” in October. And I can’t tell you how lovely it is! (The place, not necessarily the tome lurking within, but we can work on that). Full details here.

The food is fab, the wine flows, the sun shines and I’ll be there (see footnote)… What’s not to like?

My entirely impartial verdict:

˜˜˜˜˜˜Worth selling your body or breaking  the piggy bank for. 

footnote 1  and the lovely Katie Fforde will be there too. Your chance to share a dinner table  with a mega-selling novelist. We might even persuade her to sing. See here.


  1. Thoroughly enjoyed the course. I have never written before and Jane taught me so much. I have now written about 2500 words of my first book (may be a lot of drivel but I like it). I would recommend this course to total beginners also those already writing and if you are published, as you can never learn enough and another point of view is always good. The hospitality of the hosts, Janie & Mickey was excellent, even though I only stayed as a day student because I only live 10 minutes drive away, I sampled the really good food for lunch and not forgetting the superb wine.

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