Feast or famine

So who saw the Horizon programme on Monday about fasting? Review of it here. Seems that arranging your life in alternate “feed” and “fast” days not only helps you lose weight (well it would, wouldn’t it) but aid longevity and gives you a fine set of blood results to boot. I am going to try it. As I have just completed 351 Feed days, today I am going to Fast. As a shift-the-lard method it appeals to me psychologically cos 1) you can stand pretty much anything if it only lasts 24 hours, 2) I do love a quick fix 3) I can feel virtuous while all around me others are stuffing their faces and getting heart disease 4) I am at the upper end of my acceptable fat zone

I am telling YOU so I have to stick to it and not cave in at 6pm and hit the wine and crisps.

In fact, one doesn’t have to totally fast – on the TV Michael Mosley had a little soup thing in the evening. I have found an Ainsley Harriott cuppa soup lurking at the back of the larder that claims to be leek. It has a sell-by of October 2008 but I expect by this evening I’ll be past caring. So far it is  eleven o’clock this morning and I am not being “a right bitch” as  confidently predicted by my son. I am smiling in a sublime (and slightly manic) fashion and drinking lots of green tea….

Please feel free to send encouragement, bracing words, etc (and possibly a box of Kettle chips I can mainline tomorrow).

Dinner tonight…..


  1. On a serious note I don’t like the sound of this. Fasting slows the metabolism right down because your body thinks you’re in starvation mode. Fasting makes you tired fractious and light headed.
    But if you want to do it then very best of luck 🙂

  2. We’re in the middle of a general exercise in the Middle East that might help.. it’s called Ramadan.. no eating or drinking in the hours of daylight for a whole month… side effects are multiple car accidents , rising stomach disorders at local hospitals, and a reversal in work production.. Hum ho .. ( I don’t HAVE to be this helpful y’know .. )

  3. Sorry my lovely, but the comments so far are spot on. The only way to get weight off and keep it off is to firstly burn more calories than you take in and then when you reach your desired weight, don’t eat more than you need!! Fasting will only make you binge at the end of it. However, there is nothing wrong with eating healthy during the week and allowing yourself a splurge at the weekend as denying yourself nice grub will just make you crave it more.. sorry for the boring comment, I wish I could tell you there is a miracle…… :-/

  4. Thanks for the comments. PDR I do that too; Judith I would agree normally but apparently if you do it just for a short time it sort of tricks the metabolism. Am just right side of fractious so far! NormalforNorfolk v sensible advice and Seumas – thanks, Love!!! 🙂 Anyway, no wine, no crisps, one cuppa soup and two cherry tomatoes. My body is a temple. Etc…

  5. I read this just after dinner. I believe worrying about your weight is more damaging than weighing the wrong weight.
    I have a personal trainer in residence who said weight alone is miss-leading and suggests instead building a balanced program of exercise and food intake: A plan like your shelf diet https://janewenhamjones.wordpress.com/books/bugger-the-diet/ but with exercise added.
    If you really want to fast consider you fast for 8 hours most nights.

  6. Apples. I am informed by various friends that this is the way to go.
    Day one eat apples. Day two eat what you like. Day three apples. Day four – Get it? Does it work?
    No idea. Never got past mid day on day one.
    An apple is not a lunch. It is a snack. In fact, not even that.
    A snack is a chocolate biscuit. Or just chocolate.
    And a dry sherry (very posh) has the same calorie count as an apple.
    Can I have that instead?
    I hate diets. As soon as someone mentions diet, I want to eat. And cheat.

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