And the winner is…

Malcolm Chisholm gets a signed copy of PRIME TIME in the books-for-comments draw. Email me your address Malcolm and the novel shall be yours. Winner picked at random by a friend by text. I’ll be honest – he picked Tony’s number first and I knew he would cos  Tony’s already bought every single one of my books – some of them twice (God Bless Tony!). So I thought we’d have two winners and asked him to choose again. Tony I am going to send you a book for a friend. Also email me please and say if you’d like to receive it direct or nominate someone to get a surprise through the post? Right that’s enough displacement for today. Back to the blank screen for me….

Have a happy Monday. Raining here. Now there’s a surprise….


    1. Ali’s computer (and transport) geek hubby loved reading Jane’s other books, especially Perfect Alibis, so should enjoy Prime Time as well. So the laugh’s on you ‘cos you didn’t win and I DID!

  1. Thanks, Jane, for Prime Time. I’ve started so I’ll finish it PDQ, but it has to compete with the Kindle version of Perfect Alibis, which I loved in paperbook format and now MUST re-read asap!

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