And the winner is…

Malcolm Chisholm gets a signed copy of PRIME TIME in the books-for-comments draw. Email me your address Malcolm and the novel shall be yours. Winner picked at random by a friend by text. I’ll be honest – he picked Tony’s number first and I knew he would cos  Tony’s already bought every single one of my books – some of them twice (God Bless Tony!). So I thought we’d have two winners and asked him to choose again. Tony I am going to send you a book for a friend. Also email me please and say if you’d like to receive it direct or nominate someone to get a surprise through the post? Right that’s enough displacement for today. Back to the blank screen for me….

Have a happy Monday. Raining here. Now there’s a surprise….


    1. Ali’s computer (and transport) geek hubby loved reading Jane’s other books, especially Perfect Alibis, so should enjoy Prime Time as well. So the laugh’s on you ‘cos you didn’t win and I DID!

      1. Jane,
        We now have a lady in Wisconsin looking forward to reading the copy which is winging it’s way over there.
        Thank you

  1. Thanks, Jane, for Prime Time. I’ve started so I’ll finish it PDQ, but it has to compete with the Kindle version of Perfect Alibis, which I loved in paperbook format and now MUST re-read asap!

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