your free gift today

Is a copy – totally gratis – of my third novel ONE GLASS IS NEVER ENOUGH (and it often wasn’t, when I was writing it…)

If you’ve got a kindle (and if you haven’t you can download a free kindle app from amazon don’t you know) it is yours at the mere click of a mouse… HERE (.CO.UK) or HERE (.COM)

It would make me very pleased with you indeed if you’d download it.

Thank you – have a lovely Sunday xxx

PS and it would make me downright adore you if you could tell your friends… (all about charts/ratings etc and blah. I just do as I’m told…)


  1. Thank you for flagging that up, Lesley. I will pass your comment to the publishers and see what can be done… Suppose they won’t let you download from the uk site?
    Leave it with me….

  2. Hi PDR – please try again – it’s working for me! Have you refreshed cos there was a dodgy link (mea culpa) for about a minute when first posted but I corrected.

    Lesley I spoke to Accent Press and they said the US link is working (had already had a shedload of downloads) but you can only download in the country you are in. I am getting the pricing unavailable message too, as in UK. Are you still having a problem? If you want to give me more info on where you are or email we’ll try to help. Sorry you’ve had problems so far.

  3. Oh yes sorry Jacqui – it’s just finished! But I have some codes for free copies of Prime Time from itunes coming up. I am going to post something about them over the weekend. thanks for looking anyway all best jx

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