RNA Conference at last


Did two stints at the splendid  RNA conference this year, brilliantly organised as ever by Jan Jones and Roger Sanderson. On Saturday, a panel – In it for the long haul– with the ever-delightful Annie Ashurst, our veritable Chair (on whom I have a small crush), Judy Astley and Freda Lightfoot. These lovely ladies have written an astonishing number of books between them (making me feel a downright slacker with my mere six) and sold ’em in their millions. I asked the questions, and they enthralled  with their wit and wisdom. Next up was a talk of my own. They gave me the hangover slot as usual – 9.m. Sunday morning –  tho the audience, gathering there in the middle picture before I started, seem to be holding up quite well.  Thanks to Blue Stocking Mum  Debbie White for the panel pic and Liz Fenwick for catching me  pulling one of my usual faces.

And special thanks to all who dragged themselves along to listen. We had a giggle or two didn’t we? jxx


  1. I can only imagine how fabulous the conference was because I couldn’t make it this year. However, I have heard you speak before, Jane and you get a crowd going like no other. I am sure this year was no different and I hope you mounted a few tables in the bar of an evening too (I’ve seen the video!). Here’s to Sheffield 2013!


  2. Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your stand up, er I mean, talk on Sunday morning. I have never seen you before but I laughed until I cried at the back of the room.

    I could have listened to you all day – you were the perfect tonic for a late night and over indulgence! Everyone should have a pocket version of you to be pulled out when a pick-me-up is needed.

    I realise that you yourself have a pocket version of something else which you touched on a few times during your talk – priceless.

    Thanks again and I’ll be sure to look out for you next time x

  3. Hi Jane – lovely to meet you at Penrith – and yes, you were the perfect hangover cure on Sunday morning when I laughed until my sides hurt, which distracted me from my headache! xx

  4. My goodness you have some talent. You are a great crowd pleaser and brilliant raconteur and made my conference. I have dined out on one of your stories and will savour the others. Good panel interview too. Looks like I ought to read the book for the hat trick xx

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