Fifty Shades of Wot?

The only way I’m gonna get any sales….. ho ho

Thank you to Neil, Gabriel, Donna et al at Thanet Waterstones where I had a most entertaining signing on Saturday. And even bigger thanks to those who came in and bought Prime Time instead of Fifty Shades of Grey. Sitting watching which shoppers made a beeline for the FSOG display was fascinating… 🙂 Apparently a lot of “non-readers” are buying it, Donna told me, quoting women who’d announced it was to be the first book they’d ever read. We agreed this was astonishing. Not only that it should be true, but that anyone would be prepared to admit it!

I rearranged the stock this morning….


  1. Don’t doubt for a minute that FSOG ‘readers’ have never read anything before. Perhaps the publishers could help by having the corners of relevant pages already turned down and sexual passages in orange highlighter, thus saving the ‘readers’ from having to read a whole book!

  2. To the only person who has a wine glass in her hand more than me, I distrust any massive hype and wait till the object has passed out of memory, or it’s 2 quid in WHS. Prime all the way. 🙂

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