Morgen 'with an E' Bailey

Every now and then at 5am (probably posted by my clone) I will be bringing you a newsflash, update on what I’m doing, invited guest piece, or whatever takes my fancy, and today’s is the latter on the topic of book signings – brought to you by author, journalist, tutor, presenter Jane Wenham-Jones.

Book signings

By the time you read this, I will probably be sitting in the middle of Waterstone’s at Westwood Cross (if you live in Thanet, please come and say hello!) being studiously ignored. Yes, it will be the first official book-signing (also known as Ritual Humiliation) for Prime Time and I have been reliving some of my finest signing moments…

Around Mother’s Day, Christmas or St Valentine’s are always good times to attempt to flog books – especially if the shoppers are male. Men as we know, are notoriously bad at present-buying and easy to…

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  1. Two comments already received on the original posting:

    Lesley Cookman – I’ve done Thanet Waterstones on a Saturday… Let’s hope our gig at Canterbury Waterstones goes well. Love the new blog – clever Morgen.

    AJ Kirby: Excellent post, and good luck with the signing. I have had plenty of similar conversations which seem to move in ever decreasing circles, starting with ‘buy my book’, going through ‘I have no money,’, and past ‘but it’s free from the library’. Sometimes they end with ‘do you even like books at all? I mean, you’re in a bookshop!’ And they’ll look at me blankly and say something about the cafe or the birthday card section. What I’ve found though, is no matter how soul destroying these sessions can be, there’s always one chat with one person that redeems the whole day, so wait for that one moment and cling to it!


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