Prime Time paperback is now out!

Prime Time is officially out now!  I am bracing myself to start peering in bookshops (does one copy mean they’ve sold em all or is that  all they ever had?) and am just about recovered from the local bash last Saturday – coined by my fellow columnist on the Isle of Thanet Gazette, Mike Pearce (pictured below), as “The Launch that faced a thousand quips“. This is one of his….
The paperback version is available here and the Kindle version here.


  1. I think I put my previous comment in the wrong place. Maybe you can stick it here as well and give me two chances of winning your book? Seriously though, I love your new blog, and your new book looks good. Congrats!

  2. What a lovely new blog, Jane. I love the pic with the quips. ‘Quips,’ I said! 🙂

  3. Hi Jane, just checked your blog; I have always thought Broadstairs was lovely but I must say the view is certainly improving!! 😉

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